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Traditional wellness programs give employees the opportunity to de-stress by attending meditation programs or they allow employees to avail of health check-ups and fitness programs. This may be a challenge for the human resources department however,   because while your employees are availing of these resources, no one is on site working.  The hidden costs of this loss of productivity can be staggering, running into millions. What if you could provide every employee with a wellness program that they could access in their own time rather than on company time? How much would your organisation save as a result?

With Mindlab’s Wellness Program, we offer each of your employees the ability to de-stress from work, but in the comfort of their own home, and on their own time. We also offer a smoking cessation program that employees complete outside the workplace, which cuts out the cost of sending employees to a stop smoking seminar.

Because all our programs are mobile, they can be accessed anywhere and at anytime. We even provide the spouses and teenage children of your employees with the same resources. Our programs benefit everyone, generating a strong ‘good-will factor’ for your company, and increasing productivity throughout the organisation.

mindfulness for business

Why offer mindfulness to your employees?

The ‘Mindful Nation UK’ report,  was the result of a 12 month inquiry into how mindfulness can help tackle absenteeism, depression and stress related illnesses, which together cost the UK economy between 70-100 billion pounds per year. Employers paid 9 billion pounds towards this cost in sick pay and related costs.

The study concluded that mindfulness courses can significantly impact the mental health of employees and reduce stress related illnesses or absenteeism due to stress.

In Taiwan, this issue was tested by giving a mindfulness course to over 3,000 employees who were suffering from fatigue and burn out. The results were exciting news for employers; the vast majority of these workers reported feeling less fatigued, less stressed, felt less anxious and slept more soundly. These factors combined to improve morale and workplace productivity very significantly. So what have you got to lose? We offer all your employees a mindfulness course that can be done at absolutely no extra cost to you the employer because it is completed online and in their own time.

How much does a smoker cost your company?

Almost €5,000!

That’s because according to a 2013 Ohio State University study, workers who smoke, each cost their employers $5,800 a year, and this can in fact range from $2,885 to $10,125 annually. Further studies in the UK and Ireland estimate that smoking costs between £3,500 and €4,500 per smoker.

So let’s break that down, if you have 1,000 smokers working for you, together they are costing your organistation 450,000 euro per year.

How Does Smoking Impact Your Business?

Smokers take more breaks than non-smokers, but it’s not just the lost time in minutes that you have to worry about , it’s all the times coming up to a cigarette break that their basal ganglia cells are active, (which control our addictions) that hi-jack their pre-frontal cortex (which controls rational thoughts) making it impossible for smokers to focus. So in actual fact, if a smoker takes two extra breaks per day, the real cost is much more than that in terms of their loss of concentration and focus.

Then there is the harm caused to teams and to team morale when non-smokers observe how smokers have been able to sneak away to light-up incognito.

Non-smoking customers often resent buying products or services from staff that smell of cigarettes. If the customer is a smoker themselves, the smell of cigarettes from your staff can act as a trigger to the customer who now enters a state of mild anxiety until they can smoke themselves. The customer is no longer focused on your product or service but on their own addiction.

Many companies have now accepted the overwhelming evidence about the harm caused by cigarette smoke upon the health and productivity of smoking and non-smoking employees.

Spurred on by the increasing worldwide litigation from non-smokers whose health has been damaged while working in a smoking environment, the obvious solution has been to simply ban smoking in the workplace.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking include;

  • An increase in productivity

  • Overall reduction in stress levels

  • More energy and focus

  • Better physical and mental health

  • Lower rates of absenteeism
  • A significant boost in profits
  • Better employer / employee relations
  • Improved company morale

The Irish Government implemented a ban on smoking in the workplace in March 2004. Unfortunately while this removes the problem of passive smoking, the effect has been to decrease the productivity of smoking employees. Smokers often resent the introduction of this new working environment and may well leave their work area to “sneak” cigarettes in stairwells, lift areas or even outside the building.

Employers are now more aware that action needs to be taken to improve productivity.

Some studies conducted for corporate clients showed a return on investment exceeding 600% through productivity gains derived from the implementation of stop smoking programmes.

At Mindlab we offer a scientifically proven method for quitting smoking to all your employees, which they complete on their time and not company time. How much more money will your company generate if everyone is available to work, and not attending a stop smoking seminar?

For more information about Aspire get in touch with us today.

Mindfulness for teenagers

What is Headwise?

Many of your employees are parents of teenage children. According to recent reports over 50% of teenagers are suffering from burn out and stress. We know it’s very difficult to give your full attention to your projects if you are concerned about family members, in fact ‘presenteeism’ is a significant cost to your company, i.e. employees being physically available to work but their focus being elsewhere due to family stresses.

With Headwise, teenagers can reduce their stress levels, and regain their focus and clarity. This frees up space for your staff to spend more of their time focused on what you need them to focus on, rather being concerned about what is happening at home.

Marriage Boot Camp

Why Do We Need A Bootcamp?

When employees experience marital difficulties, their motivation, focus and enthusiasm for work can wane significantly. Dr John Curtis noted in the Journal of Marriage and Family that up to 534 hours are lost in a company by one divorcing employee, given the knock on effects distracted people have on their colleagues.

This cost goes largely undetected in the workplace.

What if every employee could be given the opportunity to improve the quality of their relationships at home, would this increase their productivity in work? Our Relationship Bootcamp is a specially designed online relationship enhancement program that employees can avail of should they wish to do so; guaranteed to improve communication and generate feelings of romance and intimacy.

When employees come to work feeling positive and energised (because they feel supported at home), they tend to be more productive and focused. This then has a positive knock on effect on their colleagues, who through mirror neuron activation, also feel more positive and enthusiastic.

Online Mindfulness Course
Stop Smoking Today
relationship bootcamp for couples

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