Corporate Wellness Solutions

Are your employees being as productive as you need them to be?

We provide corporate clients with a cost effective way to reduce employees’ stress levels and to improve employees’ productivity.

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Customer Support

Need a quick answer? We have support members standing by around the clock waiting to help you.

Online Programs

Each program has been created with the element of fun in mind. We tend to stick with programs that are fun.

Webinar Experts

Once a month we will answer your questions on mindfulness, relationships or how to quit smoking.

Mobile Accessibility

You’re too busy to do the programs when you’re at work, so we designed them to be fully mobile.

Corporate Wellness Solutions

The Benefits of Mindlab’s Corporate Wellness Solutions

Our wellness programs keeps your employees at work, ensuring your company experiences no loss in productivity.

Here you will find programs that have been carefully designed by our team of experts to help you or your family slow down and de-stress.

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    HeadWise: Mindfulness for Young People.

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    Online Mindfulness Program for Employees

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    Relationship Bootcamp

Want an idea of what your company bespoke wellness portal will look like?

We can build a test site in a matter of days and brand it with your company logo and corporate colours. Once completed, your portal can be fully integrated into your network. You can then offer all your employees access immediately.

Corporate Wellness Solutions
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